Do you know your 911 address?

What is the difference between your home address and your 911 address?

Your 911 address includes the township, city or borough you are in. In Lancaster County, there is:

  • 1 City, which is Lancaster city
  • 19 Boroughs. Examples are Lititz, New Holland, Quarryville, and Elizabethtown
  • 37 Townships. Examples are Brecknock, East Lampeter, East Hempfield, and Rapho

The address at the school is:
Fairview Elementary School
8853 Elizabethtown Rd
Elizabethtown PA 17022
The 911 address is:
Fairview Elementary School
8853 Elizabethtown Rd
Mount Joy Township
Have your address clearly visible on your mailbox or house so that emergency help can find you quickly.

Make sure everything is cleared around your mailbox so that we can see your house number both ways.

Make sure the numbers are fixed properly that a 6 is not upside down and looks like a 9.

Can you locate me if I can't verbally give you my location?

In most instances, Lancaster County's Enhanced 911 system automatically provides the dispatcher with your location and call back phone number. If you are calling from a landline or VOIP phone, we receive the address where your phone is installed or registered. For wireless (cell) phones, the telephone company provides us with information about what cell site you connected to and, in most cases, a latitude and longitude coordinate near where you are calling from. We use this information to plot your location on a map to assist emergency services in finding you. Our ability to locate you automatically depends on many technical and natural factors. You should always stay on the phone and confirm your location with the dispatcher whenever possible.